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Meaning of 'Quick ' question?

Whenever I see the words 'quick' posted in the title of a question, I usually find the question is anything but quick and often long and complicated. Why do people feel the need to say 'quick'? It puts me off wanting to give any help at all. Does this annoy anyone else or is it just grumpy old me?

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It's long and complicated...

Steve Kesby |
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Quick question

Constantly Confused |
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Quick answer

neileg |

Questions are invariably quick


next they will be asking for a read receipt

carnmores |
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cmclaren1978 |


Swedish Chef |
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atoms in a desk

daveforbes |
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quick question

pauld |

in words .....

daveforbes |
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Quick answer


In old money ...

Old Greying Accountant |
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Swedish Chef |
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daveforbes |
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Is this in the same context as a

Time for change |
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lol ... a politician ...

ShirleyM |
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A quick question

johnfrancis |

Another slant

Mike Carabine |

quick question

Tom 7000 |
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Maybe it's becoming ...

David Winch |
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Quick Question ?

Subhash Kamath |

Quick question?

NigeC |

Compound nouns