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Most Effective Business Network


I'm presently trying to gain some clients by networking and finding it challenging. I hear that this is supposed to be one of the main drivers to get initial clients. 

There are so many networks one wonders if that is the best business to be in, but which are the best ones?

Gone though some old posts on here and BNI has some champions and some people who it's not for. In any event it seems quite difficult to get into and I'm not sure I'd manage a 6:45 meet every week.

4N seems pretty big but I get the impression it works for some and not for other and is is many business disciplines. Some seem to join and leave after attending a few meetings or when their membership expires, others have been in it since the beginning.

What other networks, have you found useful and have generated business? I've joined FSB and attended a meeting the other where there were two other accountants in attendance. I know this is likely to be the case in many network meetings so wondering how effective networking will be for me?




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BNI, BforB....

justsotax |

Each group as their proponents and their detractors

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