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Moving away from Iris

I currently use Iris full practice suite.

I have around 400 business clients and 700 personal tax. Iris costs me a lot of money - circa £7k per year. I don't feel I get it's full benefit.

What are members experiences of other software? I'm considering VT Accounts, BTC tax, Keytime, Taxcalc. Particularly if you changed from Iris.

Any thoughts good or bad would be appreciated.

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Bob Harper |
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Unit costs of £6.36 per client

DMGbus |
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andrew55 |

It doesn't sound expensive

petersaxton |
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Getting full benefit?

Paul Scholes |
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Don't forget the cost of migrating client data

Locutus |
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ShirleyM |
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@ ShirleyM

Locutus |
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Just changed from Iris to VT & BTC

Jimess |

It's three

Time for change |
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Aww shucks.

jimwmackenzie |
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bigdave1971 |


Hosted Accountants Ltd |
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Data cleansing

Marmite |
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