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Multi level Marketing People

I bumped into a rather odd person at a networking meeting this morning who told me she could help other people earn part-time income. It all seemed rather vague so I immediately assumed something dodgy, particularly as the spiel she gave me was so slick and well prepared. I said "Do you mean multi-level marketing?" She didn't say yes and she didn't say no. I kept probing "What is being sold?" she told me it was a range of products used by "all of us". The idea would be that she would recruit people to do the selling for her and they would recruit people underneath them and so on. I commented that multi-level marketing had had a rather bad press from what I remembered. "Ah, but it's different now" she smartly replied.

Feeling exhausted I said that I still found it difficult to know exactly what her business was all about. If she was going to give a short presentation of her business to our group she would need to be clearer to ensure people understood. At that point she got quite annoyed with me and said she was very happy with her presentation thankyou very much.

Her actual presentation was a statement about anyone becoming wealthy with her help and to ask her later for more detail. (Best of luck, there, I thought!)

When someone else gave a presentation on goal setting and working out how much you wanted to earn in 5 years time and working towards that Ms MLM nodded significantly. I presume she is going to be charging other poor souls up front for lots of product that most of them won't be able to sell and that's how she's going to become a millionnaire.

Am I being unfair? Is this how the MLM system works?

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I once had a client...

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And I did Amway

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As a concept I think that MLM

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Roland195; I think that you

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Flawed business model

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Ah Yes - the starter pack

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Products used by all of us...

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