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Musicians and Self Employment?

Can a musician register as self-employed to offset costs, such as studio time for recording tracks, travel to gigs and general musical expenses (instrument consumables etc) against the tax paid during employment in the same year?

They are currently employed but spend 50% of their time also pursuing a career in music, unfortunatly for them the music isn't paying the bills at the current time so the employment (where PAYE/NI is paid through the employer) is a neccesity.

I understand there are alot of specific rules around musicians and actors and what can and can't be claimed for which I would suggest they visit an accountant about but my query is more general about if this is an allowable reason to register as self-employed?

I actually think that they should be registered anyway as they also write 2 regular magazine articles each month for different publications for which (I think) they are paid cash.

I have read somewhere about music being viewed as a hobby for some people, however I can't seem to find any distinguising rules from HMRC about when they class music as a hobby and when it becomes a profession (the person in question certainly doesn't see it as a hobby, but is this enough?)

Any comments welcome as I would like to advise them on the best way forward and not lead them in to thinking they should when actually they can't.

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Have a look at ...

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Is he actually getting any self-employed earnings?

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I wonder

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Thanks all...

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The list is the same as for any business

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Indeed. My rough rule of thumb

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A few points to add

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for once I disagree with you Steve...

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Thankyou to everyone

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music music music


From experience

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Loving what you do

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wouldnt it be good if.....

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Very interesting reading - all of it

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