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Nasty one

Client Chip shop

Commenced Oct 2009

First accounts March 2010

First records brought in very late January 2011 and SAR completed just in time.

In February wrote to client advising that it would appear that they were very close to vat limit and advised them to monitor and register if necessary.

Records for March 2011 brought in 27th January 2012. I couldnt get return in so accounts completed last week in advance of increased filing penalties.

Turnover £72k so should have registered.

Sent accounts for approval with advce that the client should assess when he should have registered then make full disclosure to HM R&C and register. Also advised that if they were only trading at marginally above the limit they may consider reducing opening hours to get back below and deregister.

Client brought accounts back early this week despondent and kicking himself because he was looking at the limit from April 2011 £73k so he'd "got it wrong".

He asked if he could not "have made a mistake in his takings". I stopped him and told him this was out of the question. There followed a lot of silence and mutterings then he said he would have another look at the records and he had a friend who was an accountant and he may be able to help. He took everything away and said he would get back to me. He didnt.

I just rang him and he said "its ok its going in today".

Well what do I do? I've no proof of what has happened but it has a very bad smell.


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Sounds very typical. I had a

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It's life

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I see . . .

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