Need to charge VAT on sale of van?? Not claimed on purchase

It's so easy so please confirm a schoolboy question.


Client - a mechanic - purchased a van from a private individual, so not VAT charged/claimed.


Van now up for sale.

I told my client that VAT will need to be accounted for out of his sale proceeds / he'll need to charge VAT on sale. I can't see any reason not to can you??


I don't suppose he can use 2nd hand margin scheme for one transaction??





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Selling a standard rate item

tugwilson |

Margin Scheme

Cloudcounter |

surely he is selling at a loss.

Glennzy |
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Margin scheme

tugwilson |


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Margin Scheme yes or no

leshoward |
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Beware the minefield

pawncob |
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Well said Pawncob.

Glennzy |
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