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Need a new Accounts package...but which?


Is there a good comparison of currently available accounts packages available anywhere? I'm sure somebody else has already done the piece of work that I'm trying to avoid :-)

To upgrade our current accounts pacakge is going to be so onerous, we've decided to look at what else is available.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to investigate/avoid? Thanks,


£10m turnover
20,000 invoices per year
7 HQ staff who will need access to the system
7 Area Sales Manager


- an integrated barcode scanning system that can be used for stock control
- multiple warehouses: there is actually only one physical warehouse, but demo and loan stock is allocated against a further 7 warehouse designations, one for each salesman
- add photos against Stock items
- data import facility (from existing system)
- an open database structure (preferably MS SQL), that can be interrogated by our Management Accounts Reporting tool


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Which package are you

turtleburgers |

Specification and budget

martinlea |

I've said it before and I'll say it again!

Richard Willis |
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agree with Martin

[email protected] |

I agree with Martin - the

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nekillim |

We can help

euanharris |
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Very detailed list of requirements

Alf |

Sounds like our typical Customer's Requirements

duncanharris |

Data Migration to New System

hcwongco |

Data migration

Richard Willis |
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Integrated business management system including accounts

pbroderick |
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Advanced Business Solutrions - OpenAccounts and OpenLogistix

Liz Ebbrell |


Medici |