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Negligible value assets


I understand that where an assets has become worthless the buyer can claim loss relief by having sold and immediately required at market value (s 24(2) TCGA 1992) however i have had no experience in doing this claim.

I have been on the HMRC site to look at the list of quoted shares that they haveĀ and the company that i am interested in is not on there, the company is the well known enron.

A client of mine has a high number of enron shares and wishes to make a negligible value claim.

I have contacted HMRC and they have advised that i can either do this on the Self Assessment return or prior to this filling out a CG34 Form, by filling out the form they will provide if it is a negligible value claim and the supposed amount.

Has anyone had any experience they could offer me

If he makes a claim in the 2011/12 tax year will the loss carry forward forever or is there a time limit (if there is a time limit, it may be worth waiting a few years until he can relieve the loss against an expected gain in the future)

Any guidance on this would be very much appreciated.

Kind Regards


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Aren't you out of time? When was Enron?

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I think it was around 2003,

A E Scott |

Previously on accountingweb

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i can't get into the link as

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You'll have to register. (It

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