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New Business Start up question

Hi All,

Quite new here so I hope you can help me.

I am looking to start a web design business. I have some associates over-seas who are web designers.

I wish to market and sell their services to web design companies in the UK and also from a small company I form.

I already have a full time job here in the UK, therefore paying tax, NI etc.

I want to start as a sole trader, maybe even a partnership (this is still in discussion).

I highly doubt I will be meeting the VAT threshold, for the first year anyway. I am aware that I need to pay tax etc, but how would this work considering im already working full time?

I have never owned/started a company before.

What would my steps need to be to put this in place?

Register business?
Register as sole trader? (if so do I still need to register business name?)
Open business bank account?

How would I pay taxes etc, how much would I pay? - this is the part which confuses me the most.

In other words, can you provide me with step by step instructions on what I need to do legally to start trading?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards, and thank you in advance for your advice,


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once you have all that info from an aweb member...

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Start with the website

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Ok ...

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