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New client - fraudulent expenses


I have recently set up my own practice, I have managed to secure quite a few clients already. However I took on a new client a couple of weeks who had been with his previous accountant for 3yrs. He works as a subcontractor on the roads. When I reviewed this years expense receipts I was quite shocked at what he was trying to put through for example gift cards for toy shops, clothes, take away receipts from the local take away even a receipt for a bracelet.

I did explain that the expenses had to relate solely to the business in which he told my they did, his previous accountant put everything through so he wants me to them through. I'm not happy with this, it goes against me ethics.
has anyone else come across this with clients?


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ShirleyM |
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I think we have all come across this at some point!

Steve Holloway |
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Non-business expenses

Brightster |

Thank you to everyone who

chloe77 |

Watch out that he doesn't

bernard michael |

good point bernard michael!

Craigie_Bhoy |
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Calm down

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