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Ltd company incorporated in 18/07/2010

The company began trading properly in July 2011 -  there were initial set up costs and marketinhg but no actual invoices until July 2011.  The accounting period was changed from July to Dec so the accounts will be prepared from incorporation to 31/12/2011.

With regard to CT, HMRC have sent a letter requesting a CT600 for:

18/07/2010 - 17/07/2011

18/07/2011  - 31/12/2011

Is this correct?  HMRC had been notifed that the company was dormant from incorporation but became active from 01/01/2011.


I had expected to do CT for the period from when the company became 'active' i.e July 2011 - Dec 2011.


Any ideas?





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CT accounting periods

Euan MacLennan |
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squay |
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Depends when you moved the year end

cfield |
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