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New limited company first year tax returns due. Have I got it right?


Thanks for your time.

Last March I started a company and the company accounts year ends on the 3rd of March. I just want to run by you what I've gathered so far about tax implications for Limited Companies to see if I'm barking up the right tree :)

I'm all up for getting an accountant to do the actual end of year returns but I want to understand my company accounts too!

So based on an example total turnover of £50,000;


Total turnover: £50,000

Expenses: £15,000
Salaries (myself and my wife at £442 per week): £10,608
Total expenses: £25,608

Total pre-tax profit: £24,392
Total corporation tax due (20%): £4,878.40

Profit available for dividends: £19,513.60



  • Does this look correct?
  • I only have to fill in a Limited Company tax return? Or are there more forms?
  • Paying ourselves this salary which is the NI threshold, the company doesn't have to pay tax on the salaries?
  • My wife and I, we don't have to pay tax on these salaries either?
  • I'm able to then give the remaining amount (or a part thereof) to myself as dividends. The company doesn't pay tax on dividends. Do I have to pay tax on those dividends?
  • Finally, do we have to fill in a standard self assessment? Or not because we are seen as an employee of the company and the salary is below the NI threshold?

Thanks for your time!

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I have to be honest with you.

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Practical stuff...

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don't forget companies house

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Use of home as office

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If you started trading on 3

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Limited company

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Get an accountant

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Any Answers or Touting For Business?

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EU directive re cash accounting

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It's sad really

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I can see the cost saving

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The OP doesn't say whether a

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Self assessment v Limited company

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I can fix my car ...

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Agreed. I can do DIY, but I

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abbrievated accounts

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