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new P35 layout for Agent & Accountants

Now that online filing of payroll end-of-year returns is now compulsary for 99.99% of UK employers, the 'old' P35 layout is now out of date. If your Payroll software supplier were to ask you what you would like in its place, how would you reply? Would you find it useful to have an alternative layout with boxes for your clients signature for example. What additional fields / layouts/ features would the new form /report have to make things more efficient come year-end?

(To declare my interest - I ask from the view of a Payroll Software provider beginning with 'M' who are currently redesigning the P35 that their product produces, but who doesn't wish to abuse the forum with blatant advertising!)

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Simple A4 layout

Ken Howard |

Agree with Ken

taxhound |
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Electronic signatures

should_be_working |
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I think I agree with Ken

Euan MacLennan |
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bygone era?

aiwalters |
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Mouse007 |
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How about a box to tick

pauljohnston |

Thanks for the feedback

Richard_Carey |


aiwalters |
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