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New partenrship without a UTR

There I was all smug because we'd done all but a handfull of returns by early December and a Dad of a close friend turned up saying he started a 2 man partnership in 2010 and could I do their 2010/11 accounts & return.

One of the partners is reg'd self employed but the other isn't and, of course, nobody has ever registered the partnership.

The application for a partnership UTR has been done online but I understand it could take weeks for a UTR to appear, then, of course, the unknown partner needs that to register himself as self employed.

As I've not had anything like this before can anyone confirm the above and that there's not a short-cut to getting all the numbers onto a partnership return and Mr Unknown's return before 31 Jan?

I've told them they will be fined but, just in case.

Many thanks in anticipation.

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Isn't it this simple?

petersaxton |
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You need to check that the

Sherman Holter |

Isn't it this simple?