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New phishing email putporting to be from HMRC

Just seen a new version of what would seem to be a new email phishing attempt re payments to HMRC.

It suggests that there is a problem with the Santander Bill Payment system, but the links to HMRC contained in the email actually link to a mailbot.

It has been reported to HMRC and I will be happy to be proved wrong...... but I don't think I am

[EDIT] sorry missed the other thread re this!

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I am not sure...

jaybee661 |
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I also received one from
Rachael_Power |

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Be that as it may

ACDWebb |
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Yeah just had the same email too

rockallj |
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Now confirmed on HMRC website

blenk |


Constantly Confused |
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It may even be genuine

GW |

What strike rate

Glennzy |
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