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New practice

I am setting up in practice offering services in accounts, bookkeeping and tax.

Just wanted to make sure that i have everything covered and any tips from anyone.

This is what have done to date.

Registered with HMRC for MRL

Got PII in place

Going to speak to CCH re Taxsafe cover to offer to clients

Got website set up (still looking to get SEO work done)

Got flyers/business cards done for adverting which i am going to deliver locally to small businesses over the next few weeks.

Going to speak to bank manager/solicitors in the area to let them know i exist

Going to use VT accounts to produce year end accounts.

Going to recommend either excel, VT cash book or SAGE for clients to maintain their books depending on the complexity of business and what they need.

Going to use Taxcalc to do self assessment and corporation tax returns (until then going to use HMRC online facility)

Have registered with HMRC as a self assessment and CT agent.

Thinking about getting Tolleys books for corporation tax and income tax and maybe VAT. (what about subscribing to their phone service?)

Going to sub contract payroll function.

Going to eventualy get SAGE client manager to do bookkeeping once have enough clients for the service

Anything else should consider?

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Erm ... Clients?

Deranja |

oh forgot about them

marks |

You will need a Practising certificate....

killer33 |

Accountants and marketing

Deranja |

A reason why

Bob Harper |
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data protection act

alfamale |
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Starting up

Jason Dormer |
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refs8 |

Suggest you register for the weekly practical tax update

bookmarklee |
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Are you Chartered?  Tax

zestca |
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Tax software

anon2000 |

Sage and other packages

chatman |


chatman |

Business networking

taxhelpukcom |
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KPEM online |
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Checklist for new clients

asillahi |

Go with the flow!

Ray Koshy |

Client-friendly bookkeeping solutions

charliecarne |
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fee protection & tax helpline

lme |
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Don't buy Digita

chatman |

Continuity of Practice

oneillmark |