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New year aweb honours

Happy new year.


I think the aweb award should be held jointly by all contributors to aweb  who generously gave their time and expertise in providing responses to aweb

I do this from memory so please do not get offended if I do not mention your name:Paul Soper,Ken Howard,Nichola Ross Martin,Constantly confused,Blok,isthisi,David winch,Sarah Douglas,shirleyM,OGA,Euan,Paul Scholes........etc   your all winners.Give yourself a pat on the back.

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Thank you for the mention :)

ShirleyM |
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Thanks Shirley

Marion Hayes |
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And the aweb team too

Darren Loring |

We've missed loads of regulars ....

ShirleyM |
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Questioners are good too

stepurhan |
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Ayesha Bham |

First tab

aadil |

Can I add my thanks

accountsdragon |
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Constantly Confused |
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uktaxpal - happy new year to you also

Tonykelly |
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thisistibi |
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sarah douglas |