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Newly Qualified Seeking Advice

Hi all!


Thanks for taking the time to read this.


So the good news is three years of hard work has paid off and I am now newly qualified! However I am looking to make my first career step into industry from practice (not a 'Big 4' practice). I would like to move into a financial controller role using my skills and experience (this is not set in stone - I'm a problem solver so if you can think of a better role I'm open to suggestions!). So before I lay out my plans to move forward into a brave new world I hoped you experienced folk could offer any advice?


I would very much appreciate any advice or experiences on: approach / CVs / job hunting or anything you think I should be considering. I'm sorry if its a little vague but this is initial planning and what better way to start than to seek advice from those who have come before me :)


Currently reading through plenty of websites on a variety of topics so if you want to provide any links for me to study that would be brilliant too!


Thanks in advance,



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Hi Coeus,

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I moved from E&Y to an FC

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