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newly self employed

Whereas it used to be a very simple procedure for a newly self-employed person to register for SA and Class II NI by completing an online form, now HMRC at say:


If you're newly self-employed

You can let HMRC know about your new self-employment by registering online for business taxes. You'll be asked for information about yourself and your business. HMRC will set up tax records for you using the information you provide, for example:

  • Self Assessment
  • National Insurance
  • PAYE if you have people working for you

A Self Assessment Online account will be set up for you automatically at the same time.

Register your business for HMRC taxes [link to 


Clicking through requires a UTR to register, which most newly SE people won't have. Instead, you have to  click on the option for


If you're restarting self-employment

If you've worked for yourself before, HMRC will already have Self Assessment records for you and you should have a Unique Taxpayer Reference already. You can find this on letters and Self Assessment statements from HMRC. You can still re-register online for Self Assessment, using the link below. It's the easiest way to make sure that HMRC have all the information they need. You'll need to register separately for other business taxes, such as PAYE for employers.

Register online for Self Assessment and National Insurance contributions 


which brings up the old email form. Have HMRC got the two mixed up?

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