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NIC holiday take-up remains low

I was reading this article- - and thinking about why the take up is so low. It doesn't appear to be for the following reasons:

  • The article suggests that 140,000 businesses have registered for PAYE since the scheme's inception so it is not that the businesses aren't being set up and staff taken on; and
  • It isn't for lack of advertsing; I've seen the HMRC "flyer" when businesses are set up and now there are personalised letters too.

So why is the take up so low? Some of it will be Directors paying themselves dividends of course but that can't be all of them. Some of it will be PAYE registrations that were set up in the expectation of taking on staff but then not doing so. But that can't be everyone. Is it just because it is too much hassle to save a few £s?

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Bureaucratic Nightmare

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Wild Billy......I think you

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Pay level

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How many of the new PAYE schemes are director only new co's?

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