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No Improvement until 2018

The chanceller unleased his gloomy statement stating there would be little to no growth until


However on the same day it was announced that the first humans will travel to Mars by 2030.

Its a pity they cannot bring the date forward as I could fancy a spell on Mars until things improve.

I will be 47 when things improve, I was a young man when it all went pear shaped.

Dear God.


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I thought half the tory front

justsotax |

I will be 52 ....

Steve Holloway |
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neiltonks |

don't forget about

justsotax |

Whereas the truth is ....

Steve Holloway |
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Depressing stuff, I agree. 

chetan |

Even if there is no growth...

henry williamson |

Blame the other lot

Glennzy |
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the truth is...

justsotax |

Too much emphasis put on the financial sector

ShirleyM |
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it sure would be interesting to

justsotax |

For me the most interesting part of the Autumn statement ...

nogammonsinanundoubledgame |
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