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No more latin!

Companies House have rejected a document because they have decided they don’t like the phrase ‘pari passu’ which is often use when describing the share rights on company secretarial documents - eg.’ All shares rank pari passu in all respects’. The literal translation from Latin apparently means ‘on equal step or equal footing’ which they don’t believe makes sense in the sentence. I am told it is acceptable to substitute these words with ‘equally’. 

so there to all the lawyers, inter alia

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Isn't the problem...

George Attazder |
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Pari passu

edward33 |

Am I shocked

girlofwight |

In my experience

davidwinch |
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foreign words

Comptable |

@ David

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So my three years of Latin in Grammar School

Richard Willis |
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Well, actually

adam.arca |

My latin master

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