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My client is a radio presenter and DJ.  He has a problem with polyps in his nose and needs surgery to relieve the condition.  As we all know he faces a very long wait to have this done on the NHS.

The problem is that the condition is seriously affecting his speech.  As his voice is his meal ticket does anyone think the costs of a private operation would be tax deductable?  He will go ahead if he thinks he will get tax relief  -  but will wait for NHS if not!

Should I write to HMRC for their 'approval' first? 




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Personally I think you have

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I agree with the above response...

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There is an argument for tax

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PARSONS holds the key.

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Agree with George

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George has changed his mind! :) (slightly)

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Please ....



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nose job

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Personal message

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Thanks for this very

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