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Not a question, but only place I could think of to say it

I'm on driving duty tonight and tele's useless as usual, so decided to do some more 'studying'.

I just wanted to wish all you guys (ladies and gents) a happy and healthy new year.

And thank you for answering all the questions placed on here because without this helpline I'm sure a lot of us would be spending all our spare time looking in books and on the internet.

I've just launched my practice (just waiting for Google to get their act together and 'find me' on the www!) and I am very tense and reading as much as I can in preparation for my clients.  I've got two through word of mouth and have just ordered a load of stuff from Vistaprint, so there's no turning back.

I know that if I didn't have access to Any Answers I would struggle with some of the queries that arise.  And I hope to continue placing the odd question here and there without getting totally laughed into cyberspace - like my recent Taxcalc query that seems to install 'shock horror' into some people :) but we all had to start somewhere.  Thanks again.


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Big Hug

Mouse007 |
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AWeb is great

ShirleyM |
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