not self employed since March 2011 now received a penalty for late tax return for year 2012-13

Hi, I had worked as a locum medical consultant back in 2010 and filled my tax return at the time. In March 2011 I started working as an NHS consultant (PAYE paid) and moved home. Lst time I completed my tax return and paid was in December 2011 (for year 2010-2011) and then stopped completing tax returns as I am now employed by NHS and no longer self employed. Yesterday I received a letter from HMRC with penalty(1200.00 GBP) for late tax return for year 2012-2013! Any advice please?

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Did you notify HMRC that you

mrme89 |
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And did they send you a

johngroganjga |
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what about year 2011/12

sash100 |

I am not sure I have notified

alexpAP |

did you tick the box?

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interestingly enough I

alexpAP |

This August I worked for 1

alexpAP |

If you didn't tell them you

bernard michael |

Does that mean I will have to

alexpAP |

You need to appeal to HMRC

bernard michael |

Tax return

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