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Offset self assessment overpayment for vat paye

I have just had a cif investigation which has lasted 4 years and the outcome relates to - 

a shortfall of vat and paye, but an overpayment of self assessment returns.


My questions is, given there was an overpayment of sa, greater than any liabilities of vat and paye,


can HMRC enforce interest charges against paye and vat, given they were over paid for self assessment.

Interest charges are in excess of £4000. Is it reasonable to go back to them... accept the findings of their investigation, ie vat and paye shortfall and overpayment of self assessment, but not accept interest owing on this period due to the self assessment overpayment. But accept any penalties for the period.

That is, now at the end of the investigation. The overpayment of self assessment is greater than any liability so they will owe me money, that is if the four year cif had never taken place they and I would have been better off.



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what you are suggesting

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Try it on but expect rejection

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As the money owed and due is with the

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This might help

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