Oh no! Looks like they might strike me off...

In my spam filter this morning...

Revocation of CPA license due to income tax fraud allegations

Dear accountant officer,

We have received a complaint about your recent participation in income tax return fraudulent activity for one of your employers.According to AICPA By law Section 600 your Certified Public Accountant license can berevoked in case of the event of submitting of a false or fraudulent income tax return on themember's or a client's behalf. Please familiarize yourself with the notification below and provide your feedback to it within 7 days. The failure to provide the clarifications within this period will result incancellation of your Accountant license.


I won't be opening the attachment.  I didn't know I had a CPA licence?

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thisistibi |
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Yes ....

Steve Holloway |
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It's spreading!

Constantly Confused |
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Happy news

neileg |

This may be a serious problem

Bob Long |

At least you're not unstable!

Flash Gordon |
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$10 million?

appacc |


Constantly Confused |
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Saving the world

Flash Gordon |
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