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Old Accountant Document Request

Hi All,


I have a new client (a celeb and do not want to p*** him off.  Yes he is the type) and I need to request the documents from his old accountant.  Can anyone tell me the best way to approach the old accountant as I have not had to do this before.

Should I send an e-mail or should I send a letter or could I attach a letter to an e-mail.  Also, apart from the standard NINO, UTR etc can anyone think of anything else I would need from the accountant.  Of course the year to date records as he is changing accountants part way through the year.

Also, if the accountant does not use Sage (I do) what's the easiest way to get the data the accountant holds on his software onto mine?

Thanks for all your help in advance

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I would just send a letter to

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Thanks @Kent Accountant!

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