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There have been several threads over the years about online backups but I couldn't find a recent one. With technology changing all the time I wonder if members could put up any recommendations for online backup or file synching, it appears to be the way to go perhaps in addition to using the more traditional ways. I have read about security concerns in the past and would want to know it is as secure as it can be to back up client data.

Carbonite and Dropbox seem to be popular in past threads. What about Sugarsync and Justcloud? Does it matter if the company is non UK based?

Also any thoughts about backing up only files or an image of the drive gratefully appreciated.


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Data barracks

leicsred |

I use BT without problems.

bernard michael |


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Happy Sugarsync user here. It

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Someone suggested Acronis to

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merlyn |

IRIS free 1GB - 10 pages or T+Cs so rejected

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Zen Vault

cbp99 |

I'm happy with Carbonite

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Backup v Syncing

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Links to older threads and resources

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