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Online Cloud based accounting software

Looking for suggestions for an online Cloud based accounting software, that is easy to maintain as we need to train client on day-to-day basic bookkeeping.

The software needs to be able to raise invoices and monthly statements to send out to their customers from the software, and maintain full a sales & purchase leger. Stock module is not required.

We have a Demo arranged for Sage One. Any AW members have any experience on this?

Also, any suggestions on Online Cloud based Payroll software? We currently use Moneysoft's Payroll Managerand are extremely pleased. Is there a similar Online Cloud based software?

Thanks to all who respond

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Xero & Brightpay?

Cloudcounter |

Cloud Based Payroll

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Me three

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Online software

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Boring ....

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Clear Books

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Xero...full house!

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