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Online forms for client completion

Firstly thank you so much to all who expressed good wishes on the thread raised by Peter Saxton, I am really touched. I will provide more details in my next blog. 

In my journey to become paperless (as much as I can) I am looking for cloud based software that enables designing of forms such as getting new client information, information about personal tax returns and formation of new company.

The idea is that clients can complete this information  online on receipt of a link. The other option would be these forms would be available on my website

I did Google this, and they are many providers. I would be grateful for recommendations and comments/views/experience  on this subject.


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Good to see you back

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Welcome back

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Google Docs

Cloudcounter |

PDF Form fillers ...

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Welcome back!

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Adobe Acrobat

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Online forms for client completion

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Website form

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