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Opening bank account for new company

Company was incorporated recently in Ireland.  Main shareholder is another company.  

Wants to open a bank account with a bank in the UK.  Has provided copies of certificate of incorporation, memo and articles of association etc as well as personal identification on the sole shareholder of the holding company to the bank. 

The company registry in Ireland holds only initial incorporation documentation showing first shareholders/subscribers (i.e. which have not changed).  Bank is refusing to open the account until they get independent verification from a regulated firm of solicitors or accountants that the shareholding company is, in fact, still the main shareholder.  The first annual return is not due for some months yet and cannot be filed early.  Company does not have solicitors or accountants yet.

What checks is the bank legally obliged to do in this case?  If they are required to verify ownership of a new company, how is it normally done in the UK?  The only "proof" would appear to be the new company's share register - which it completes itself. What else could a solicitor or accountant go on?  (I offered to bring the documents to their branch in Ireland but they said that wouldn't do.)


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Bank account for New Company

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