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Options after AAT

I'm currently studying for AAT, on the middle level (level 3), and hope to have level 3 completed in the next 2 months and level 4 within 9 months or so of that.  Where do I go after this?  I'm a single mum and don't have the childcare options to work for a company and also would like anyway, to be self-employed.  Was thinking of ACCA (my mum has said she will provide childcare for me to get the three years work experience needed).  Any advice would be gratefully received!!

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No need, just start building a business

Bob Harper |
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Thanks.  Would I be qualified

sarahmilford86 |

You do not need the ACCA

Fred Smith |

Whilst this may sound odd

Fred Smith |


Moonbeam |
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Thank you all - much

sarahmilford86 |

Go for it..

deanshepherd |

Completing your AAT

puzzel |
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Many thanks to all of you

sarahmilford86 |