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Organisation of Practice computer records

I'm expecting to officially take over our practice in the next few months with a shiny new practising certificate and knowing that, at some point, the dreaded Quality Check Visit is likely to happen (but should not be feared) I am planning ahead.....

The current organisation and systems in the office work but I know without a doubt that things should be improved as whilst we know where things are stored etc in the "run over by a bus" scenario then the fresh face picking up the pieces would not necessarily instantly follow the logic.

I know we could invest in the complete Iris package but it is prohibitively expensive for us at present.

Step one then... better organise the data files on the server better - we have a system that has grown organically since the mid 90s and it's time for an overhaul.

We are a small firm with around 300 clients at present so the initial plan is to have two main folders - Client Records and Practice Records.

Each client folder would then contain sub-folders - Permanent (money laundering docs, Letter of engagement, Company Statutory Docs etc), Accounts, Bookkeeping, Tax Returns, Correspondence, and then where applicable PAYE, VAT and Sundry.

So firstly are any obvious folder titles missing? The worse scenario is set up 300 client folders on the server and then discover we have forgotten one sub-folder ...

Next, emails. I have read that this is now a common point picked up on visits but how do you all manage this?

Do you just use sub-folders in Outlook or physically open and save them in, say, the client correspondence sub-folder.

Advice from those that have done it and been quality controlled / wrist slapped and quality repaired would be appreciated!

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