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Out of my comfort zone

I've recently (yesterday) quoted a prospect and they're sounding fairly interested but the situation I quoted for isn't quite the same as reality (because after all why would you be given all the info upfront!). The problem is that the reality has me feeling a bit out of my comfort zone and I'm having a crisis of confidence at the moment anyway (roll on tomorrow when I can legitimately say to hell with it all). I don't know whether to quote for the updated circumstances and push the boat out of calm waters into a potentially choppy sea or whether to make my excuses and decline?

What does everybody else do? It doesn't matter what the specific circumstances are here, it's just do you risk leaving your comfort zone for something that's not really important in life or do you challenge yourself constantly? My gut instinct is that I should decline and focus on facing demons where it matters. And give up accountancy and return to football / saving the Earth....

'Dear Santa, I've been terribly good all year so please bring me the self-confidence that some bugger nicked from me when I was a tiny tot. I'm making mince pies at the weekend so you can help yourself and tell Rudy and the rest to raid the fridge for carrots and anything else they fancy. Ta everso, love Flash xx'

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pembo |
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You'll be fine, just wear a rubber...

George Attazder |
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When I was younger ...

ShirleyM |
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neileg |

Write yourself a detailed letter

Moonbeam |
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petersaxton |
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Cheers folks

Flash Gordon |

I take comfort from...

imbs |

Even superheroes have their off days!

Flash Gordon |

12 years in to this way of life ...

Steve Holloway |
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