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Own property personally but rent through company ?

My husband and I are buying a buy to let property, projection of net income to be around £10k per year. We are planning to buy a few of these in the next few years, so considering the impact of tax given we are both higher taxpayers. I consulted an accountant on the structure whether it is better for company to own the property or us personally and was advised "You purchase property as an individual but set up a limited company to declare rental income/expenses through it. When you sell the property you will be paying capital gain tax as an individual owner. The fact that you are individual owner of the property doesn’t stop you from putting the rental income through limited company. " This sounds like a great option, just want to check how valid is this ? Does this stand up to HMRC scrutiny ? Any kid of deed, trust that need to be set up for this to be viable ?

Appreciate any advice.


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Was the accountant qualified

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Gosh sounds bit harsh and

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thanks for your advice though

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Perhaps not enough info in the question


Well you could appoint a company to manage the property

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BKD, have you seen a lot of

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I agree Chris


I would keep things clean


:) many thanks for your input

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Let's be blunt about this


Many thanks for your clear

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Home Rentals

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Jumping in

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