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P35s filed by Moneysoft, not on my HMRC record?

What should I do ?  I thought the info had all been lodged successfully and just hadnt appeared on the HMRC site due to the fact that the site was down for mainentance for those extended days.

I have Moneysoft filing auto acknowledged as received by HMRC

But nothing appears on the HMRC website for the P35, P14s etc.

Its the first year I have used Moneysoft to load up the P35s, normally I key it in by hand so that i"know its there"

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I raised a similar issue with HMRC the other day

taxhound |
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HMRC's answer

zebaa |

Thanks very much that means I

jeh |

It just takes a while for the HMRC record to be updated........

rockallj |
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The summary appears after a few days

TomMcClelland |
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Location of "view account"?

MissAccounting |
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View account for agents

TomMcClelland |
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Per my original posting..

jeh |

No figures under "View Account"

TomMcClelland |
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Agent Client List

jjswjjsw |

HMRC Emails

jjswjjsw |