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Paperless Control Sheet

We have been becoming gradually more paperless over the last 5 years or so, and are comfortably using paperless systems for accounts and audit files and all incoming post / filing of e mails, and client tax records coming in, etc. But there are still several pieces of paper floating around our office, the subject of this post being the tax return (and indeed, accounts prep) control sheets.


Logging client details, and then being initialled by various staff at each stage of the tax return process, the sheet serves a useful purpose, ensuring consistency of approach and completion of every job - admin staff chasing up those incomplete control sheets which have not been finalised.


The control sheet is printed from excel, and it would be easy enough to file the sheet electronically and let each user type in their name, rather than writing it in. But this seems to defeat the object as anyone can enter any name and any date. We do not want to implement a full on process management system, which would seem like a sledgehammer to crack a nut.


How have others managed to remove the paper control sheet, and how well has it worked?


Thanks all,

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We have.

ShirleyM |
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Formal database/CRM system

Paul Scholes |
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CCH is the answer

richardburdall |
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Move to simple logging database ...

JC |

As an alternative

pauljohnston |

Thanks everyone

hiu612 |

Glide Practice Intelligence

bennorwell |
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