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I've just read - with some disbelief - that, once RTI is up and running, you'll need to enter the employee's passport number before being able to pay him. (Tax Adviser March 2012)


What about people without passports ?  Can't they have a job ?


Or putting it another way, do the unemployed have to fork out the best part of £100 for something they might not need just to get off the unemployment register ?

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ShirleyM |
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I was wondering about this

taxhound |
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Not necessary

SteveOH |
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Here is a link to an article about RTI ...

Locutus |
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Only mandatory for overseas

0098087 |
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New Field has crept in

Captainblack |
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The Tax Advisor article

thisistibi |
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So much misinformation!

Healthpay |

Not everyone has a NI number

ringi |

RTI and Passports

jiatbanus |