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PayPal Currency Conversion


I have a client seling a high volume of items that are paid for via Paypal. Most of these transactions are very straightforward in that they are GBP.

The client has started to sell overseas Aus $, US $ and Euro's.

The client provides me with a spreadsheet of PayPal Txs (about 2500 lines per month) and the foreign currency sales are listed but not included in the running balance on the account. A 'currency conversion' line appears for the foreign currencies each month which is included in the running balance. Am I correct in assuming that this is the aggregate of all transactions in a particular curency in the month including both receipts and payments?

Is there a spreadsheet/software available to filter non balance impacting transactions and make the whole thing easier to post into SAGE (the client uses PayPal both for sales and to make purchases)?

Many thanks in advance.







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