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Payroll software recommendations

I have a client who needs a new payroll system.

Its a large payroll, 1,000+, but not all of the staff are full time and they are spread over a large number of sites.

Some of the locations will have only one employee and most are paid by the hour.

In picking a solution, I think we should consider how we collect the data. If we collect it automatically, then we should look forĀ  a system that will import the data rather than rekeying it. As some of the sites have single workers, it might not be possible to standardise on a single time recording solution.

I don't think my client would be interested in Cloud applciaions, but thats not to say we wouldn't consider them.

Has anyone any suggestions about the products we should consider.

I suspect it will have to be specialist payroll applications.

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2 separate solutions

TomMcClelland |
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Thank you Tom.

paul.k2 |
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A couple of suggestions

TomMcClelland |
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Access Payroll

Paul Holborow |
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