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Pension Payments - Can you carry back?

I have client, a sole trader  whose accounts have been prepared to 31.03.12. He is a higher rate tax payer & has been making personal pensions contributions over the years.

However for the tax year ended 05.04.12 he has not made any personal pension payments so far. Can he make payments of say £50,000 now towards his pensions say by 30th Nov 2012 for which he can carry back & use in his tax return for the year ended 05.04.12? Otherwise it will be accounted for in the tax return year ended 05.04.13.


In other words can personal pension contributions be carried back?

Many thanks

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I don't think that you can

cyrynpen |

I am not certain but

Captainblack |
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But isn't it the relief that

cyrynpen |

That's what I meant to say!

Captainblack |
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The carry back rules ended

alfamale |
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Pension contribution carry back

Rangith Athauda |