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Personal bank statements again!


Whilst been discussed many a time on here I'd just like to run our situation through with others for opinions, feedback, thoughts, arguments etc.

We're a small accountancy practise (two man pship) and an enquiry is being made into our partnership return (10/11), all records have been provided by hand to the inspector per his detailed request, which match the figures on the return. Our records are, in my opinion at least, perfect, as should any accountancy practice be.

Now we've received a letter back stating that because we didn't bank the cash income declared he wants to see our personal bank statements, credit card etc in our own names. In response I've replied cash wasnt banked due to bank charges plus it was used to buy business expenses (of which a full analysis was provided with supporting invoices). Also told the inspector he's being unreasonable and that there are no rules that stipulate cash income must be banked, as long as its declared.

Have yet to hear back but can assure we will fight tooth and nail with HMRC on this one for the general privacy and rights of decent tax payers.

Anyone who can share similar experiences be appreciated.


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Things have moved on

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Agree with above

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