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Phone recording

Whilst trying to sort out an employee dispute between clinet and his employee (i know, stupid me!) the employee recorded the conversation that took place between us, ie: myself and the employee. I was only acting as an intermiediary to solve the employee dispute. Now employee has put in tribunal case for umfair dismissal and threating to use our recorded conversation as an evidence.

I only acted in personal capacity to get them to reach an agreement and now have been drwan into this unwillingly. Where do i stand?

Many thanks in advance

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in all probablity you are screwed

Steve McQueen |
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Have a good weekend!!

bigdave1971 |

Recording calls

Steve McQueen |
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Occupational Health..

MartinLevin |
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What is it that was said that worries you?

Roland195 |

What Roland says

occca |

What i said was....

A_non |

Agree with others

occca |


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@ wockywocky

Steve McQueen |
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Not illegal, but cannot normally be used

Hansa |
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I looked into this a while ago

ShirleyM |
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Opinion on Employment Law in such meetings:

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The danger

davidwinch |
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"Without prejudice save as to costs" is a useful phrase to ...

dstickl |

Do Nothing

thomas34 |

Transcript Allowed in Tribunal

chatman |


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