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Photocopier frustrations

I am being driven to distraction by the company that maintains our photocopier.  We have told them on numerous occasions over the last six or seven months that they have failed to bill us for the copier usage.  Our machine readings are sent to them by fax every month and we have copies on file of all the readings they have been sent but until today we have not been billed since 1 June 2011.  We have telephoned them on numerous occasions to ask for bills and were told we were "in front"even though we told them clearly that could not be the case.  All came to a head last month when we received a letter stating that we were some £400 in arrears, but still had not received invoices for the amount they were claiming.  We contacted them again, provided up to date readings and was assured that we would receive all the relevant invoices, which had not been issued.  The explanation for the lack of billing was "an employee that has since left the firm had not done her job properly".  We were telephoned today by their accounts person today to be told that we now owed over £800 (including VAT) and we could pay it back to them at £200 per month if we wished - but still we had not received any invoices!  At my insistence invoices were e-mailed to us today. The invoice details show 1 December 2011 to 1 January 2012, £350 plus VAT which the accountsperson at the photocopier supplier has told me includes the period from 1/6/11 to 31/12/11 and if that is the case then this looks reasonably in line with our normal usage, but if not it is about 10 times our normal bills for December.  January is £130 plus VAT - about right for January as it is our heaviest month for copying but the amount invoiced for February 2012, marked as "estimated" is £230 plus VAT and is for around 5 times more than I have calculated from the reading we submitted and is way over our normal usage for February, which is throwing clouds of doubt on the validity of the other charges. I am also worried that the first of the invoices does not show the correct period being invoiced which may leave the door open for them to try and charge me even more. I know that I can dispute the February invoice purely on the basis that it is way out of our normal usage for this time of the year.  I don't really know where I stand about the earlier periods not invoiced, I accept that I will have to pay for what I have used, but would like something back from the photocopier company as recompense for their appalling customer service.

1)  can anyone offer me any advice please?

2)  can anyone recommend a photocopier supplier please?

Many thanks from a very frustrated photocopier user.


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If you are paying by the copy

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Thank you

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Please tell us wher you are based

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I would recommend

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I know how you feel!

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Thank you

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