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Pitney Bowes franking machine

Hello Guys,

I currently have a Pitney Bowes DM50 (entry level) franking machine which I have had for a year on a 12 month contract.

The contract is about to expire and PB want me to sign up for a 5 year deal!

I quite like franking as it is cheaper and more professional etc but I would be interested in buying the machine (at the right price) instead of leasing as in a few years, I could have paid for the machine outright.

I just wondered has anyone purchased a machine that they have previously leased from PB (especially the DM50 model like mine) and if so, what purchase price did you agree on?



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carnmores |

Pitney Bowes printer ink

Locutus |
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... and the labels

daveforbes |
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The discount on franked post is more post price rise

newmoon |

Franking machine

mbee1 |

we still dont know how many stamps

carnmores |