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Pls Recommend Book keeping Software

We have a client with a manufacturing company looking to computerize their book keeping systems.  There are so many book keeping software out there we do not have time to help try out to see which software has the best fit, so therefore I am asking the accountingweb community for their opinion (software advertisers / promoters are also welcomed).  We prefer this not to be a cloud system and ideally no annual fees to use the software. I have listed below a list of preferred functionality in order of importance. 

- Fully integrated sales ledgers / bank / purchase ledgers

- Easy to use

- Ability to set sales price structures (different customers have different price lists)

- Analysis reports in regards to sales by location and by product type

- Ability to backup and set different user levels ie certain variables not changeable by a lower level user


Obviously I expect the software to have all the usual features of a fully functional book keeping software and can generate all the usual reports expected.

Any opinions are gratefully received.  My thanks in advance.

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Acceptum Business Management software

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Look at Sage

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I'm not keen on it...

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