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Previous accountant with an attitude problem

I took on a client about 8 months ago. In the clearance letter I requested some information.

The previous accountant provided a detailed information in response to the clearance letter. However some key information is missing. This includes:

  1. Debtors of £75K no break down of debtors
  2. No bank rec or explanation of the difference between bank balance on bank statement and bank balance on the balance sheet.

I requested information on the above and response was "we have given you all the information, This is no longer a live client- best of luck"

The client is not able to respond to above queries. The previous bookeeping is in a mess.

I would appreciate any comments/views on handling this.

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WS is most likely quite right

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Warning bells :)

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Attitude problem


Friendly warning

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Tax returns


What if

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How about..........

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dealing with debtors

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Have you got a detailed

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reversing debtors

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This helps

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The key to a quiet life is...

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Contact the outgoing accountant

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Let's be practical about this

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