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Pro Bono Accounting Help for non profits | America Steps up where the UK fails

Why is there no pro Bono Accounting help anywhere in the UK?

I've just spent a VERY fruitless three weeks searching for pro Bono Accounting support ANYWHERE in the UK (We are an entirely non profit shcools education project providing groundbreaking resources in media literacy and film (The fastest growing subject at GCSE and A level and Degree) and we have essentially given up. We have concluded it simply doesnt exist.

There is that old joke about lawyers at the bottom of the sea, yet ironically with organisations like LawWorks, finding a pro bono lawyer for you charity is a painless process. NOT so for accountants. Why is that? I've decided that its not lawyers that deserve the jokes after all.

In the end, and because I am currently teaching at one of the universities in Boston, Massachusetts, USA I thought I'd try the Small Business Alliance (SBA) and was staggered to find we could get immediate, free help, and so I'm going to take up that offer and hope the differences between UK and US abbreviated accounts are not too great.

Think about that for a moment. A 100% UK non profit with abbreviated accounts gets help from a US non profit organisation in a few minutes of discussion, and gets nowhere in a few weeks of phone calls to at least four dozen organisations (there isnt the scope to list them all here and perhaps that would not be fair to them)

I'd like to get some sort of debate going. I'm very disappointed in this situation. Please add your thoughts. But suffice to say that the UK accountancy industry needs to get its act together (that will generate a few grumpy replies I'm sure) and think about creating a genuinely free or mostly free central repository of accounting firms willing and indeed keen to "put something back" into the system.

If Lawyers can do it, come on guys, so can the accounting industry.  Whether or not you agree "we're all in it together" SOMEBODY needs to set up a LawWorks for accounting. Its been on the cards for years now, bust still doesnt exist.




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